Hi, I am Didi,

20 years ago, i started guiding people to a more conscious lifestyle. First i developed myself trough education, courses and training like: Coaching, Voiceliberation and Personal Training. I am the eternal learner and I love to do deep self-exploration, wich allows me to guide others on a deeper level as well. I am straightforward and my intention is to discover with you, where you still hold yourself back. I like to work with people who want to go “the extra mile” with me. Cause that is mostly where things start to shift!

Now is the time to take a break from what you are doing and think about the question:
WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY? We can find out together, if you are ready?!

About the name Didichi:
My mother used to call me DIDICHI as a small child. A curious child who views the world with an open mind. That’s one of the connections with this name wich is close to my heart. In Latin DIDICI (without the h) Means we learn, wich i find a good match with the sessions i offer. And finally i work with the life energy CHI, the energy that flows trough us and where we can get so many benifts from when used it propely!

Love Didi