August I like you so much!

August I like you so much!

The party does not end! After being keeper of the heartspace at Timeless for 2 weeks when Daniëlle HeartFire and Jeroen were on vacation. (Where a week seemed like a year and two weeks a sec) I am now back in my very sweetest forest house and I am really looking forward to the coming 2 weeks, where I will wake up in LOVE at Contemporary Youth Summer Festival 2020 I give a workshop there called: TUNING, in which we can make deeper contact with ourselves and others through voice and movement. The following week I go out with Kennia and her Intuitive Sisterhood weekend there I give the workshop: Sisters, chant & dance where we play with water and fire and connect the voice with the feminine energy.
Check it out, there may still be spots available!

I told you ….. AUGUST how FUN you are


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