Soul searching
What makes you shine?
Who are you without all the “do’s and donts”?
Are you living to your fullest potential?
What is stopping you?
We are gonna make a journey trough you! I will guide you, so you can get closer to your dreams and wishes, because they are all within you. Sometimes you just need a helping hand, a good question or some menthal support to be able to connect to this better. That often makes a world of differents.
By being present with you fully and asking you the right questions, we will get tot the core together.
Energy training
I will transmit my acquired knowledge in the field of movement and nutrition to you. This training will provide you with sparkling energy, tangible improvement in fitness and strenght and an overal good feeling.
The way you eat and move is a big part of your life energy, you can give it a big boost by doing this in a certain way and thus make your life more pleasant. In these times where stress is lurking around every corner and fast food is a norm, it is very necessary to pay extra attention to your wellbeing. We can do this together!
Time for change
Free your voice
Voice liberation, a concept that not many people know about, but a treasure that has yet to be discovered. The word by itself can touch you in many ways, cause who doesnt want to be liberated and free?
Voice liberation has alot to do with detecting, expressing and sharing your feelings trough sound and your ofcourse your voice. Its about finding your truth!

This can be done in personal sessions (you and me) or in a workshop (multiple people)

How did i come across this diamond?
I was thinking of learning something new and than suddenly there it was!! Voice liberation. A woman with sparkles in her eyes, told me about the training and showed me there website. I got goosebumbs when i saw the describtion and knew THIS IS IT. And so it happened, after 2 years of digging in the deepest depts, from my head to the tip of my toe’s and beyond, i now stand here with open arms to pass this gem to you!
(perhaps, if you are ready 😉)