Are you looking for a voice, movement or lifestyle coach? Good, you came tot the right place.
On this website i joined all my forces. Knowledge i came across and learned trough the years by study and experience. (Read more about my studies at: About me)

Are you willing to go deep?
In my sessions we will dive deep, right tot the root of the cause, looking at yourself with honesty and straight forwardness.
Are you ready for this?

Do you need guidance in your proces?
If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. You can come a long way by yourself, but sometimes you can use some guidance and assistends in order to breaktrough your old habbits and open new pathways (thats where the magic happends!)

Long story short: Are you ready for change?

Buckle up and joint the ride…..
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Hi, I am Didi

20 years ago, i started guiding people to a more conscious lifestyle. First i developed myself trough education, courses and training like: Coaching, Voiceliberation and Personal Training. I am the eternal learner and I love to do deep self-exploration, wich allows me to guide others on a deeper level as well. 


August I like you so much!

The party does not end! After being keeper of the heartspace at Timeless for 2 weeks when Daniëlle HeartFire and Jeroen were on vacation. (Where a week seemed like a year and two weeks a sec) I am now back in my very sweetest forest house and I am really looking forward to the coming […]

Change = Coming


Personal Sessions

1 hour / Costs €75 euro
Free the voice
Energy training

(lets make a phone call and see what suits you best)

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(minimum 4 people)

1,5 Hour/ Costs €35 pp

3 month life changing program

3 months/ Cost €750,00
6 personal sessions
6 calls
Online training

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